Our Approach

Government programmes and incentives can be very useful for your business. However, dealing with government under the current political and economic conditions is complex. We gained considerable insights and experience and can guide you through the maze of issues.
Understanding how business incentives, BEE policy and other factors impact the profitability of your business is critical in the current economic climate.


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The bouquet of incentives and its requirements are reviewed from time to time by the department of trade and industry and are mostly dealt with on an ad hoc basis. Dealing with the DTI requires special insights and we have the experience to advise clients on important strategic matters.
All incentives come with terms and conditions. No contracts or engagements to purchase
machinery and equipment, for instance, should be entered into without first checking with us.


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About Formentco

Formentco is a business consultancy firm with a special focus on dealing with Department of Trade and Industry matters. With more than two decades of experience in providing valuable consultation and advisory services, we assisted clients to strengthen their businesses. These included taking advantage of business incentive programmes offered by the DTI and in the process also providing advice on novel BEE implementation strategies...

  • We specialise in Department of Trade and Industry matters regarding Incentives (Grants). 
  • More than 20 years’ experience of giving sound advice and securing the pay-out applied for.
  • Trusted member of the Incentive Consultants Association.

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