Government can’t provide jobs (maybe only to a limited extent or by creating a bloated civil service).

It can’t grow the economy. It can only create an enabling environment Private sector is where jobs are created.

Shawn Hagedorn suggested we can learn from China:

“The reality is that more than two-thirds of Chinese workers aren’t high school graduates. More significantly still, youth-plus-technology can be more globally employable than those with education-plus-experience”.


We agree because we already developed and built a unique solution for every tax paying business. And it works.

Working with us, you will:

01 | Become part of the solution
02 | Lower your tax payable
03 | Take part in our entrepreneurship development initiative
04 | Become a valuable partner in skills training

Together we can redirect your taxes to have a huge social impact in your local community. Providing jobs, creating entrepreneurs.

And stop the waste!

How do we do it?

We at Formentco and various partners have developed a sustainable, tax-effective learnership solution. It provides unemployed youth with entrepreneurial skill sets. Become self-employed and creating employment for others. Breaking the cycle of being dependent on a monthly basic income grant.

This is why you should you use our solution and break the dependence culture.

Both companies and unemployed youth benefit by using our model.

Here’s the lowdown:

It’s a unique opportunity for every tax paying business to have a meaningful social impact in their local community by participating in our entrepreneurship initiative.


Which companies can participate in this initiative?
Any tax compliant company who turns an annual profit and seeks to create op opportunities for unemployed youth in their local communities. This also includes companies who seek to secure the points available for skills development, enterprise development or socio-economic development on their B-BBEE scorecard.

Who qualifies to participate in the learnership?
Any unemployed South African youth between the ages of 18 and 28, with at least a Grade 10 certificate or higher, and owns a smartphone. Businesses may elect to register and sponsor qualifying youth within in their local communities, or sponsor prequalified youth already registered on the national database.

How will the learnership be financed?
This initiative will be financed by your company’s learnership tax rebate after the completion of a 12-month learnership period.

How will the learners benefit from this initiative?
This initiative will enable participating businesses to create opportunities for currently unemployed youth by paying them a monthly stipend and seed-capital to start their own businesses.

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Start redirecting your tax payable today!

Become part of the solution!

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Start redirecting your tax payable today!

Become part of the solution!

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