For the past 25 years, Formentco Consultants have been advising companies in the manufacturing and agri-processing industries on how to develop, design, launch and maintain their incentive programmes with the goal to create sustainable work opportunities for our unemployed youth.

We know which incentives work best, and we provide the best advice for the long term.

Whilst providing a sustainable competitive advantage, we’ll ensure that our incentive programmes have maximum impact on your company and BEE scorecard by going beyond what’s expected.

Gerrit Geyser

CEO of Formentco

Gerrit Geyser was educated at the University of Pretoria where he obtained a B Com in accounting. Under his mentorship, the company has met huge success working with government incentive applications and securing grants, and he has gained respect in the business world as a man on a mission.

Gerrit’s vision is to steer stable South African enterprises towards making a tangible difference to the country’s youth unemployment crisis and, through his unique leadership, he is doing just that. His mantra “it’s up to us to be the change” is part of his belief that unemployment is not just a statistic and that, if industry plays its part, many talented young individuals will soon be on their way to creating their own success.

Over the years, Gerrit built up a wide understanding of business and was involved in taking two companies public, one of which was listed on the JSE in 1998. He has served on the board of Xinergistics, an enterprise that provides logistics solutions to its many customers and is focussed on driving his vision into the future.

He believes that sport is the glue that unites, inspires and drives our communities and is dedicated to making a difference to the future of both sponsors and beneficiaries alike.

Richard Bands

Formentco Sport

With a stellar history as a recognised and much-loved Springbok rugby player, Richard Bands has a passion for both sport and agriculture and believes that the fundamentals of running a business are learnt on the playing field.

Now an integral part of the Formentco executive board, and with an intrinsic understanding that teamwork, discipline, commitment and networking are key aspects of any professional endeavour, Richard is committed to imparting his knowledge and creating job opportunities for underprivileged South African youths.

Using his immeasurable talent Richard heads up our pioneering sports initiative aimed at providing aspiring young entrepreneurs with the expertise needed to start, maintain and grow their own businesses through learnerships and the YES programme.

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Want to become a sponsor? Contact Richard Bands

(064) 898 3975.

Give Us a Call

Want to become a sponsor? Contact Richard Bands

(064) 898 3975.

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